EKGService Holding

EKGService Holding close corporation - a specialized company engaged in the manufacture and supply of spare parts.

EKG-5-8 ECG, EKG-10, EKG 12.5, ESHE 6/45, ESHE 10/70, ESHE 20/90 - our profile.

We are also engaged in repair, adjustment, assembly and disassembly of the equipment.

In addition, we supply spare parts for drilling machines SBS, gravel pumps, tractors and bulldozers.

Our finished goods warehouse in Chelyabinsk is constantly updated and contains about 1,000 items of spare parts.


The successful combination of potential of the producer and powerful marketing resource of the commercial enterprise allow making the competitive price offer for delivered production.

The price exactly depends on quality of used materials and industrial process.

Absence of intermediaries in a chain "Manufacturer - Seller" allows to avoid unnecessary markups to production selling price and to provide its flexibility.


All production offered to delivery is made in full accordance with technical requirements and design documentation of the developer EKG-5 and EKG-8.

Spare parts correspond to the declared chemical composition and undergo double checkout of the quality control department: at the stage of raw material delivery and at production output.

All our products are marked with a firm brand of EKGService Holding close corporation, thereby we prove our responsibility for the quality of production and we exclude imitation possibility. The quality certificate of our production provides a guarantee from 3 to 6 months.

The quality management system corresponds to ISO 9001:2000 requirements, appropriate certificate proves it.


The large stock of ready spare parts in a warehouse in Chelyabinsk allows to satisfy operatively needs of our buyers for the most various production from the catalog EKG-5 and EKG-8.

Our own vehicle fleet and direct contracts with Russian Railways JSC allow to build the logistic schemes, most convenient for buyers, which always allow to reach economy of production delivery time.

Long-term experience of foreign economic activity and impeccable reputation provide considerable reduction of terms of customs registration passing that finally allows our foreign contractors to receive the stock on order as quick as possible.

EKGService Holding close corporation is a close-knit and purposeful team of managers of commercial divisions, that use the latest achievements in the field of marketing, technical experts of production, that apply the latest engineering development and workers of the South Ural Repair and Engineering Works (YuURMZ), that work on modern machinery equipment.